Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ahoy! Another sale event-stroke-party!

the Full Moon bar
For those of you who missed the launch party on 11th November... ta daaa! Such a fun evening was had by all, and we has such lovely feedback, and the people who couldn't come were so disappointed... that we have decided to do another one, on 11th December.

Where: the aptly named Full Moon Bar, Womanby Street (CF10 1BR).
When: Sunday 11th December, from 7:30pm. (Emma is teaching during the day, hence the evening event).
Who: us of course! and a pile of newly arrived diaries too, obviously. They have been selling like hot cakes and even before the launch party, we already put in another order... so come grab yours* while they're hot!

* By yours, I mean one for yourself, of course, and also all the ones that you are going to gift as Christmas presents. They make a thoughtful gift and are always enthusiastically received! So... easy Christmas shopping this year - come to the Full Moon on the 11th! :)

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